Household data reported by the U.S. Department of Labor
shows the value of union membership

When management is required to deal with an organized workforce, it is more likely to make decisions which mutually benefit both the company and its employees. Organized workers have the opportunity to improve their wages and benefits while companies increase the efficiency and skills of their workforce. Voting to become part of a union is the first step toward achieving significant increases in wages, benefits and an improved and healthy working atmosphere. In 2006, full-time wage and salary workers who were union members had median usual weekly earnings of $833, compared with the median of $642 for wage and salary workers who were not represented by a union.

The difference is $191 a week. This comparison is for all workers. It is a 23% difference between union and non-union income.

This comparison only included wages and salary income. It does not include the value of fringe benefits such as medical coverage with caps, pension plans and other contract programs.

Did you know you have the federally protected right to join and to be represented by a union according to the National Labor Relations Act? The government has even established the National Labor Relations Board to oversee and protect those rights. Management cannot withhold that right from you or discipline you for exercising your right to choose.

Management does not want to share it's power and decisions with the workers. Through the collective bargaining process, workers in the printing industry have been able to negotiate fair wages and benefits. In turn, management has prospered from having highly skilled craftspeople and very little worker turnover. Structured apprenticeship programs and specialized training make workers more efficient and employers more profitable. Through negotiated employer-funded pension plans, unionized printing workers can enjoy retirement with dignity.

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