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The next regular union meeting will be held on April  19th and noon and 5:00p.m

Notice: For the month of October 2021 President Longerbone ill be working remotely following surgery and if you need to get in touch with him, email him at

Watch this video the learn more about the Butch Lewis Act.

*** Earn $25 per person if get us a lead on a shop to organize we ratify a 1st time contract (ex. 10 person shop would earn you $250) retirees are can earn in too.

Details HERE***

Remember the union movement is only as strong as the people who participate, so get involved in what’s going on in your shop and at the local level!!! Together we can work for a better workplace and life for you!!!

~Jim Longerbone

Teamsters news: Teamsters Support Brown-Neal Legislation to Solve Pension Crisis

Union Dues (Please include your member number on your check) must be in the Union Office BEFORE 4:30pm last day of the month. Late fees are determined by the day dues are received, NOT by postmark or day mailed. Please remember to mail dues early to ensure arrival before the end of the month to stay in good standing and avoid late fees.

The Executive Board meets on the first Monday of each (or first Tuesday when a holiday falls on the first Monday). 

Retirements: Please call to make an appointment at least 6 weeks prior to your retirement date.


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